Deportation Defense

New Orleans Deportation Defense Lawyer

If you or a family member is facing the threat of removal from the United States, there is no time to lose in getting accurate legal advice. Attorney Michael Gahagan, a New Orleans deportation defense lawyer, will answer your call or return it promptly and offer exactly that. He knows all the options available for people facing deportation for a wide range of reasons.

At Gahagan Law Firm, LLC, The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans, we help people from all backgrounds and cultures find the best ways to overcome removal orders and solve other serious immigration-related problems. Mr. Gahagan has helped many people who have overstayed their visas, been arrested on criminal charges or are facing deportation for other reasons.

A Louisiana Deportation Defense Attorney Who Can Help Is One Call Away

New Orleans deportation immigration attorney Michael Gahagan practices nationwide, including representation of people held in facilities such as the South Louisiana Correctional Center in Basile, LA, the Federal Detention Center in Oakdale, LA and the LaSalle Detention Center in Jena, LA. He has successfully litigated numerous matters before the Board of Immigration Appeals and is one of a very select number of lawyers actively practicing federal immigration litigation.

Cancellation Of Removal, Adjustment Of Status, Or Another Solution

Our removal defense lawyer will thoroughly investigate and analyze your specific legal situation. Depending on the factors in your case, we may be able to obtain:

  • Cancellation of removal, a possibility for many legal permanent residents and some immigrants under nonpermanent status
  • Adjustment of status to that of a permanent resident
  • Relief through other measures, such as pursuing a waiver of deportability, seeking asylum or applying for the specific, relevant type of visa
  • Obtaining voluntary departure if other options are unavailable, which may allow the person up to 120 days to leave the country voluntarily and the opportunity to wrap up his or her affairs voluntarily

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