Unlawful Denial of Immigrant Application

Immigration Appeal Lawyer in New Orleans

Have you or someone you know been denied a visa or green card application? There are many reasons this can happen, and since legal jargon is complicated, you may not understand the reason. Paperwork problems or procedural errors can often cause a denial, as well as other issues. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may have even decided that you violated the law or misrepresented your status. Whatever the problem is, experienced immigration attorney Michael Gahagan can help you overcome them.

At Gahagan Law Firm, LLC, The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans, we recognize the extreme pain and hardship people suffer due to unlawful denials of immigration applications — as well as unreasonable delays in the process. These denials or delays can cost people precious time together, prevent work and educational opportunities, and more. Trying to appeal these denials and delays can take even more time.

To avoid this stress, contact our immigration appeal lawyer in New Orleans. We can help you navigate the process of denials, delays, and appeals so you can focus on the life you’re building in the US.

We carefully assess each client’s case and evaluate all legal options. In numerous cases, we have filed lawsuits in federal court to reverse unlawful denials at the USCIS level. If we see an issue in your denial, our Louisiana immigration appeals attorney will bring it to light and find a solution.

A Proven New Orleans Immigration Application Appeals Attorney – Actively Filing Lawsuits In Federal Court

Gahagan Law helps people correct problems and overcome denials at the USCIS level and on appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals. We have extensive experience obtaining immigration waivers as well. In some cases, however, the only path to a favorable resolution is to file a lawsuit in federal court. While this sounds intimidating, Michael Gahagan is one of only a handful of immigration attorneys in America actively pursuing federal immigration litigation to resolve these matters. He will confidently fight for you.

Visa applications and applications for US citizenship are denied or unreasonably delayed for a wide range of reasons. Questions may have arisen about the validity of your marriage, lawful presence in the US, criminal past or other issues. Some law firms will promise success no matter what those questions are about. At our firm, you can count on straight answers about your likelihood of success getting a decision reversed and what may be required to do that. We remain optimistic, but realistic about all cases so you can trust us to be honest with you.

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Taking fast, decisive action is often critical for success. We help people throughout Louisiana and immigrants from around the world. When you contact us, you will speak and work directly with a Best Interest Attorney (BIA) who will prioritize your case. Mr. Gahagan can consult with you in person at our offices or by telephone, and we accept credit card payments for all services. Schedule an in-person or phone consultation now. We look forward to speaking with you soon!