Adjustment of Status Lawyer in New Orleans

Adjustment of Status Lawyer in New Orleans

Obtaining lawful permanent residence status — a green card, which can enable a person to remain in the United States indefinitely — is an important step for many people who enter the country with visas and wish to stay. This process is referred to as adjustment of status. Timely action is crucial because failure to file for an adjustment of status before a visa expires can result in removal from the United States. Hire an adjustment of status attorney today.

Counsel And Representation for U.S. Citizens With Immigrant Spouses

At Gahagan Law Firm, LLC, The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans, we can answer all your questions about adjustment of status and help you take the proper steps. The most common scenario we deal with is the need to take action for the immigrant spouse of a U.S. citizen who entered the country legally on a K-3 or K-1 visa (a marriage/ fiancé visa).

New Orleans Asylum and Refugee Attorney Who Specializes in Complex Cases

Experienced Louisiana adjustment of status lawyer Michael Gahagan also pursues:

  • Unlawful presence waivers for people who have overstayed visas or failed to follow other required immigration procedures
  • Other types of immigration waivers on behalf of people in need of deportation defense
  • Adjustments of status for eligible individuals who entered the country on work visas or certain other types of visa
  • Petitions for asylum and protection under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Reach A Responsive Lawyer You Can Trust To Prioritize Your Case

Success in achieving your family immigration goals as successfully and promptly as possible may well depend on the adjustment of status lawyer you contact. Michael Gahagan will take your call or return it right away. He is a family-based immigration lawyer who is consistently available to answer your questions. You don’t have to worry about him sitting on your case without taking action as some other attorneys are known to do. Work with a lawyer for permanent residence that will prioritize your case.

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