Immigration Waivers

Immigration Waiver Lawyer in New Orleans

At Gahagan Law Firm, we have a team capable of handling many families’ immigration needs, including an immigration waiver. A waiver asks the US government to overlook or forgive inadmissibility.

What does inadmissibility mean? An inadmissibility bar essentially means that the person is alleged to have done something that makes him or her ineligible to obtain legal status or remain in the United States. Inadmissibility can come from claims of criminal activity, health, misrepresentation, and more. If you have run into problems with the visa or green card application of a family member or are facing the threat of deportation due to inadmissibility, it is essential to speak with a lawyer experienced in obtaining waivers. With immigration waiver application assistance in Louisiana, a good lawyer can contribute to a successful road to immigration.

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There are numerous types of waivers available under US immigration law. For example, there are waivers for immigrants who were denied visas based on their health or victims of human trafficking who were illegally brought into the country and wish to stay. At Gahagan Law Firm, LLC, an immigration waiver lawyer in New Orleans will personally review your case to determine your options and the best course of action. Dedicated lawyer Michael Gahagan has substantial experience in deportation defense and federal immigration litigation. His knowledge and capabilities cover:

  • Unlawful presence waivers for people who entered the country without following the proper immigration procedures — including those married to US citizens
  • Waivers of removability for people accused or convicted of certain crimes and therefore facing removal proceedings

Whether you can obtain a waiver depends on many factors, including the type of visa being sought or other immigration goals and the specific reason for inadmissibility. In many cases, success in receiving a waiver will depend on the attorney’s diligence in demonstrating that a qualifying relative would suffer extreme hardship without the waiver. For example, if you are the only person who can care for an elderly relative, then that relative would experience extreme hardship if you were deported. Receiving a waiver may require presenting specific financial data along with other evidence. Michael Gahagan has a Master’s in Business Administration, which gives him detailed financial understanding in addition to his deep legal knowledge, which makes him adept at managing this critical part of a case.

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Once a person leaves the United States, returning lawfully may take years or become impossible. Failure to act quickly and get qualified legal counsel is often devastating for your family. For this reason, our immigration waiver law firm in New Orleans is happy to help you navigate this issue with more clarity. To discuss your situation directly with Michael Gahagan, an attorney with personal as well as extensive professional experience dealing with the immigration system, call (504) 766-9137 right away.