Avoid these mistakes when dealing with ICE

Avoid these mistakes when dealing with ICE

On behalf of Gahagan Law Firm, The Immigration Law Firm of New Orleans on Thursday, June 7, 2018.

In 2018, immigration law is a confusing topic. There have been many changes throughout the last few months and there look to be more coming. With the status of immigration in the United States continually changing, it can be difficult to know what to do when confronted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. No matter what your legal status is within the United States, you have certain rights when interacting with law enforcement. ICE is no different. If you are targeted by ICE, make sure to keep your basic rights in mind and avoid these mistakes:

Don’t lie

Any information given to ICE can be used in any case that results from the encounter. Lies or misinformation given to agents can build a case against you. It’s best to remain truthful. If you feel an answer will incriminate you, simply decline to answer.

Never open your door without a warrant

ICE agents need a warrant signed by a judge to enter your house. Make sure you see the warrant and can verify the signature before letting any ICE agents into your house. The ACLU recommends having agents show the warrant through a window or sliding it under a door. Check any warrants before you allow agents into your house.

Know what you’re consenting to

Detention by ICE agents can be a confusing, frightening experience. If you do not understand what they ask you, ask for clarification. Request an interpreter, if possible. Make sure you fully understand what is happening, and the next steps in the process. Do not sign or consent to anything without knowing what it means.

Don’t get caught unprepared

If you feel you may be targeted by ICE, make sure to have a plan in place. Let family members or loved ones know what to do should you be detained. Keep all documents around immigration status and other relevant paperwork in an easily-accessible location. Let someone trustworthy know where you keep these documents. Discuss who to call in any situation regarding ICE, and have that number memorized. Confrontations with ICE can be intimidating. Never forget that no matter your legal status, you have rights. If you have any questions, a skilled immigration attorney can help.