When Do You Need To Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

When Do You Need To Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

When Do You Need To Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration lawyers assist with many issues, but the list is so large that not everyone knows exactly when they can turn to these professionals for help. Given the sensitive issues that an immigration attorney handles, knowing when you should contact one for help is critical. So when do you need to hire an immigration lawyer? To help, we’ll break down the specific cases in which an immigration lawyer specializes.


Immigration attorneys assist individuals who are facing deportation and who need a way to prevent this outcome. Thanks to the experience and expertise of immigration lawyers, people facing deportation can learn how to reach various potential outcomes, such as status adjustment or removal of cancelations. For this reason, finding an attorney who specializes in the issue you’re dealing with—whether it’s deportation or another matter entirely—is always crucial.


Another situation in which you may need to hire an immigration lawyer is obtaining a visa. Obtaining an investor visa, an immigrant visa, or a nonimmigrant visa requires ample, complex paperwork, which is among the reasons why immigration lawyers can be of assistance in this case. These professionals can navigate the process to help you get a visa swiftly.

Permanent Residence

Green Card lawyers help clients obtain permanent residence status. Gaining permanent residence status requires navigating a lot of complex information. Thus, the process can be incredibly daunting, especially for people who are unfamiliar with it. But everyone deserves to know how to earn permanent resident status when eligible. Michael Gahagan is a Green Card lawyer who helps with many different needs regarding permanent residence status, including employment-based Green Cards, fiancé(e) visas, and many more.

Additional Services

Immigration lawyers can do much more, too. Additional services that you can hire an immigration lawyer to assist with include federal immigration litigation, family immigration issues, and naturalization and citizenship.