The Differences Between a Permanent Resident &#...

The Differences Between a Permanent Resident & Citizen

The Differences Between a Permanent Resident & Citizen

Perhaps you are looking into obtaining permanent residency in the United States but don’t know how it differs from citizenship. Or, if you are a permanent resident, you might be considering naturalization. Before you proceed further, it is important for you to know the key differences between the two.

Permanent Resident

A permanent resident is someone who can live in the United States indefinitely while still maintaining citizenship in their home country. To provide proof of their residency, the USCIS will provide the person with a permanent residency card, also referred to as a green card. Permanent residents will receive a social security card, have the right to work, and can petition for a limited number of immediate relatives to join them. Moreover, they are also allowed to leave and reenter the US but cannot stay outside the country for a prolonged time, as this will put them at risk of losing their status.

US Citizen

To have US citizenship, you must be born in the United States, be born to a citizen parent, or obtain citizenship through naturalization. US citizenship differs from permanent residency in many ways. First, residents can obtain a passport and are free to leave and reenter the country as often as they want without needing a re-entry permit. Unlike permanent residents, citizens can vote in local, state, and national elections and are not subject to deportation. If you proceed with naturalization, it is important to know that the US does not require you to relinquish the citizenship of your origin country.

Finding Help

There are many things you must consider when it comes to naturalization or becoming a permanent resident. If you are looking to obtain permanent residence in the United States, it might surprise you that there are quite a few qualifications. That is why working with a permanent residence attorney who can guide you through this confusing process is a great idea.

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