What Are Your Residency Starting and Ending Dates?

What Are Your Residency Starting and Ending Dates?

What Are Your Residency Starting and Ending Dates?

There is nothing more exciting for a green card holder than the day that the USCIS approves their petition for permanent residency in the United States. But how can you determine when you are legally able to enter the US? It makes sense that you want to ensure you are following all the rules in a law-abiding manner. That is why it is crucial for you to know your residency starting and ending dates.

Residency Starting Date

For the most part, your residency status starts on the date that the US consulate approves your immigration visa. However, if you are outside of the US when you gain approval, your start date will begin when you officially enter US land.

You should know that your residency start date can vary depending on certain criteria. For example, your start date can vary depending on various factors, including meeting the criterion of the green card or substantial presence test.

Residency Ending Date

Your permanent residency ending date is established by the immigration laws of the United States. Your residency ends on December 31 in the same year that you leave the US. Keep in mind that your residency will end if it follows a period wherein you are not present in the US, have a closer connection to a foreign country, or are not a resident in the following year.

Seeking Assistance

Unless you are a citizen of the United States, it is important for you to know that your residency period will have an authorized start and end date. It is certainly understandable that determining your residency timeline can become confusing and stressful.

You want to ensure you enter and exit the United States lawfully, following every rule and criteria. That is why it is always valuable to have a trusted immigration attorney on your side. If you are looking for a permanent residence lawyer, work with Gahagan Law Firm. We are happy to assist you in obtaining your permanent residency status.