What To Expect at Your K1 Visa Interview

What To Expect at Your K1 Visa Interview

What To Expect at Your K1 Visa Interview

Your K1 visa interview is one of the final steps you take before becoming a lawful permanent resident of the United States. While you know your relationship with your significant other is valid and your devotion to each other is true, you must prove it in order to obtain your visa. As such, feeling a little nervous about your interview is completely normal. So long as you know what to expect at your K1 visa interview, you can feel more prepared and confident about it.

Length of Interview

You might think that, given the subject matter, your interview will take a long time. That is not the case, as the interview itself will only last about 15 to 20 minutes. However, you should expect to remain at the embassy for around two hours from start to finish, taking into account paperwork and waiting time.

Number of Questions

Your consular officer will have about 90 to 100 questions prepared, but you should expect to answer about 10 to 15 questions during your K1 visa interview. With only 10 to 15 questions asked out of the 100 or so available, you might feel a little worried about your accuracy. That is why you should know the type of questions your consular officer will ask you.

Type of Questions

Although you think you know everything about your significant other, preparing and studying for your interview is still important. The questions will cover your fiancé, you, your plans, and other matters pertaining to your relationship. Keep in mind that this is an interview, not an interrogation. Your consular officer wants to validate your union.

Required Documents

On the day of your interview, you will also have to bring several documents with you to the embassy. These documents include certificates, passports, forms, photographs, and evidence of your relationship.

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